We’re Looking for New Pipers and Drummers!

The Na Fianna Pipe Band offers lessons Free of Charge! These free lessons are provided on the condition that the student joins the band upon reaching proficiency. By offering free lessons, we hope to increase our numbers and grow the band. A minimum of 2 years of membership is expected of students who have reached proficiency.

Responsibility of the Student

All students are responsible for providing their own instruments and practice equipment. Students are expected to attend the 30min lesson before each Tuesday night practice. All students are expected to join the band upon achieving proficiency.

Before beginning lessons, all students should acquire these items:

  • A practice chanter- we recommend Gibson, McCallum, or Henderson brands. Stay away from Pakistani-made instruments.
  • College of Piping Tutor, Book 1.
  • A copy of our tunebook after getting access at your first practice.
Your chanter will look like this. a quality chanter will be $50 or more.

Responsibility of the Band

The Na Fianna Pipe Band will provide a FREE 30min lesson prior to each practice. Lessons will be in a group setting. The band will also provide all uniform parts and offers lender pipes for students.

Should you buy a set of pipes?

NO! Students should begin on the practice chanter. It typically takes 6-12 months to become proficient enough on the chanter to begin thinking about trying the pipes. Students should see how well they do on the chanter before considering whether to spend the money for a set of pipes. The band has a loaner set you may use to develop your skill before buying you own.

Contact us about free lessons.

Practice Location

Hampton Elementary
1115 Charmuth Rd,
Lutherville-Timonium, MD 21093

Wednesdays, 7-9pm.